My belated Anniversary with MENJ (27 August 2006)

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It’s been a year, a really tough year for me to carry out tasks that usually my late dad’s usually done as his daily routine. However, througout my sweet memories , I’d found my beloved MENJ on 27 August 2006, whereby that was the date that I never knew that he will be my soulmates onwards (insyallah..). Alhamdullialh, Allah has granted my wish to find partner that can understand my attitude, my personality, my weaknesses and so on.

menj n mosjc

Eventho, we quarreled over some topics that we are not agreed with each other.. but its really teaches me alot on how to negotiate with him and accepting friends for whatever they are nevertheless of their background, races, features, characteristic and so forth.

My Sayang which I always called him thru my conversation via the phone, internet, face-to-face..heheh.. really knows how to treat a woman… at first I would say that he ignore the importance of treating a woman… but gradually he showed me the tenderness love shared together eventhough we are distance apart. Truth and and honesty are the key to the success of a relationship. Insyallah May Allah bless our relationship until death do us apart.

I will love him until the end of my life .. insyallah.

Missing you Sayang!

muakz xxxxx

p.s I’m really sorry for not publish wishes yesterday, im really busy with having class and dateline for the exam marks. Whatever it is I always love u.

28 Aug

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