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Eid mubarak (Adha) 2006, last year I’ve been to KL and spent time together with the darling as well as to visit my sister and the family for the great remembrance of Qurban (sacrifice). In contrast this year, he had came to Pontian and visit me and family as to see each other face to face, chit chating, discussing and watching game show? (ahakz that its not the plan, but we’ve watched it together…its a DEAL or NO DEAL game show), as a coincidence happen, the player turn out to be a pension british army that in REME (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers) squad same as my dad team (I guess so.. because that guy already 65 years old, i think maybe he knew my dad).

Oooo where was I? sorry got carried with my dad’s stories…. so I really appreciate that he came all the way from KL just to see me and spent time together….isnt that sweet .. ahhhh but sometimes I tend to make our meeting to be one feeling down situation with my indecisiveness thought of getting married and imagining future act and behaviors that he could do to me. Fuhhhh… I dont know why this feeling always gets into my mind and I’ve tried to get over it but it fails me.

I never make a big decision in my life before but now I have to, there’s no other way to clarify my feelings to him but yet I feel something still not perfect between us. Got to improve a bit, here and there as it for me and him as well. there’s still a long journey for me to accomplished my goals and desire of further studies, getting a stable financial and career I supposed…

Pray for us okay ! thanks… (erm.. feeling a sense of relieved) Need some comments ya! 🙂

25 Dec

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  1. Cousin Gary says:

    Awin, give yourself time for a big decision like marriage. You’ll know when you’re ready


    Thanks Gary, I have spare lots of time thinking to decide in marriage. I’ll try to achieve my goals for the year 2008 until I decide to get married this year on next year.

    P/s send my regards to all the family ya!

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