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Tanggal 31~~~ bulan lapan~~~ lima puluh tujuh~~~ lala~~~ lala~~…

Well Happy Independence Day to MALAYSIA! for the 51st times of its celebration. As for me, I didnt have the chance to join to the event either on the 30th night as well as 31st morning (MERDEKA PARADE). However, I managed to get a glimpse of fireworks cracking up high in the sky. Amaze, fantastic, and sad feelings lingers around me as I had a thought of the warriors that had fought for Malaysia over communist.

However it is, It is our time to make sure we maintain this victory and look after the country with our effort through prayers, social work, and relationship with the variety society no matter its religion, races nor background.

so lets shout for MERDEKA ….. MERDEKA ….. MERDEKA……

31 Aug

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