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As mentioned above, I started my master’s degree this semester (september – january) hopefully all will be great. Insyallah, I’ve been going through lots of research and reading about the related topic of management issues. My research is about “STAFF DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM AND JOB PERFORMANCE AMONG ADMINISTRATIVE EXECUTIVES IN SMALL-MEDIUM SIZED ORGANIZATIONS (SME) IN JOHOR BAHRU, MALAYSIA”. Why did i choose to do this research because i’ve read alot of journal stating that the importance of staff development program in the organization can increase their level of competence as well as to boost their job performance. As for me, I’ve long enough wanting to have training and any activity of life-long learning environment in my workplace.

In fact, i’ve been to training of pedagogy in Hotel Melaka with several lecturers in cosmopoint for 2 days. You know what i felt afer the training??? I felt fresh, full of energy, improve my lecturing to students and fully charge knowledge. yeah that’s right… definitely its struck my level job performance isn’t? Therefore, the importance of having update skill to the staff nowadays is indeed crucial. I’ve learned in organizational behaviour (ob) and human resource management (hrm) — there’s a stage whereby most of us got bored and low motivation on the routine work that we deal each day; the stage is called PLATEAU ;- have you’ve heard about it guys? yes.. therefore a needed of something different as such training, activity, or any programs should be organized by the management to overcome this problem among the staff / workers.

:::Plateau stage:::

07 Dec

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