Lusciously long lashes: how to achieve long lashes permanently!

Eye-lashes form an integral part in depicting the overall beauty of the eyes. Long lashes attract dramatically towards them. They have a certain intriguing and expressive factor about them. They help in being more expressive and display the feelings of being shy and coy in perfect style. These fluttering beauties are not gifted to all. The ones who are blessed with extremely nice eye-lashes are among the most fortunate lot.

For women who are less endowed on the eye-lids, we have a rescue treat for you. We list some easy ways by which you can achieve naturally long, thick and strong eye-lashes.

  • Do away with dryness: Dry lashes are easily breakable. Prevent your lashes into turning brittle, by a daily grooming and moisturizing session. Condition your eye-lashes every night before going to bed. Regular application of glycerin can boost the eye-lash hair growth.
  • Lash enlarging Gels: These eye-lash gels are easily available in the market and are absolutely safe to use. They are made of natural ingredients keeping in mind, the soft and delicate skin of the eyes. These are a rich source of natural minerals, vitamins and proteins that the skin needs to feel replenished. They have remarkable results and are hassle-free, easy application products. You can use them in the comfort of your home.
  • Dandruff worries: Dandruff is often the main concern for many eye infections. Sometimes there is flaking and dry-skin on the eye-lids too and not just the scalp. This is nothing else but dandruff that has found its way down from your head to the eyes. If it is not treated at the right time it can lead to severe infection, redness, irritation, burning sensations and even puss filled boils on the eyes.
  • Eat healthy & live stress free: Consuming a proper balanced diet leads a long way in improving the texture and growth of your hair and also makes the skin glow. Just as stress induces hair-fall it may also make the eye-lashes fall. So learn to relax if you wish to have long and thick lashes.
  • Miracle mixture: Mix equal quantities of petroleum jelly, castor oil and extra virgin olive oil and apply on the lashes to make them look fuller, darker and longer. Oils are a natural source of vitamin E and they encourage hair-growth. Petroleum jelly is a great moisturizer that helps is restoring and hydrating the eye lashes and rejuvenating the delicate areas of the skin around the eyes.
  • Make-up hazards: Heavy or dark colored mascaras’ and eye-shadows should be used sparingly or not used at all if you can manage without them. Since they may cause irritation, swelling or drying of the lashes or the lids of the eyes. Never use a hair-dye on the lashes as the chemicals in it can cause damage to it seriously.

By following these easy steps in your daily beauty regimen you will be able to see quick results. The rewards for your efforts will make you feel happy and joyous. If you give time, energy and efforts, your skin and hair will thank you for your care, by giving you the desired results.

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26 Mar

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