Lingua Franca – 10 years from now

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Lingua Franca for the next 10 years would it be :
6.Others :________ State your own language

Well, I would say that English still the lingua franca (L.F) that will still be using 10 years onwards. However, Mandarin will be another threaten for the current L.F to survive in this changing globalization. With the erosion of FB symptom among the people, the tendency to cycle thoughts and replace the daily norms of energetic lifestyle to “cruising” lifestyle. Throughout the statistic, the chinese have FB accounts more than the rest of population around the world.

Therefore, it is easier to socialize with people and learning as well as changing the language to become our new L.F as people understand it and use it daily. Maybe.. in the future there will be a creation of new language that combining different languages that are easy to communicate, faster to learn, shorter to write it, and comprehends by all over the world.

Insyallah.. Im hoping for Arabic to be Lingua franca as soon as possible!!

27 Nov

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