How layering works in European fashion

The conventional t-shirt and jeans or one-piece dress fashion has now started evolving at a rapid pace. In the European fashion scene especially, the concept of ‘layering’ has taken over quite fast. Layers add a new dimension to what you’re wearing, and are considered to be really trendy and fashionable.

Here are a few ways in which you can incorporate the trend of layering in your dressing sense.

Using Jackets

You don’t necessarily need formal jackets all the time. You can instead go in for light pastels, or pop color semi-formal jackets, which are a lot in fashion these days. If you are wearing a solid color top, then you can also go in for a classic printed or net style jacket, which makes you look slightly more dressy and trendy. Jackets can be of full-sleeves, or with 3/4th sleeves. Some are even sleeveless. Most popular brands offer these kinds of jackets these days, which are made of comfortable fabrics, so you can wear them in any season.

Using Waistcoats

These are gradually catching up, and more and more styles are coming in the market every day. For a formal outfit, you can go in for the conventional office-style waistcoats. However, to bring about a fun twist to your casual dressing, you can choose from a large range of printed and solid color waistcoats. They go well with summer dresses, skirt-top or shirt-skirt combinations. They can also be teamed well with the jeans-top look. Go for either fitted ones to accentuate your assets, or for slightly loose ones to add a special bohemian or up-market touch to your outfit.

Using Scarves

You can use scarves and stoles of various prints, patterns and designs to break the monotony of your conventional dress. Wrap them around your neck in either a tie fashion, or a muffler style. You can also let them hang loose from your neck. Some girls also like to use scarves as a layer on their skirts or shorts, to make it act like a sarong. So basically, go crazy with various ideas and use scarves to your advantage on a variety of outfits.

Using camisoles

You can use pop color lycra style camisoles beneath your tank-tops or other sleeveless tops. They not only help you give coverage for tops with a deep neck, but also help to add more color to your outfit. Some people also go in for t-backs, halter tops etc. to help in layering. That way, you also have more options for choosing various colors of accessories, because you have different colors on your outfit already.

Using Accessories

Yes, even accessories can help you add layers to your outfits. Go for large queen style drop down necklaces, which act as a separate layer to your otherwise boring dress. You can wear multiple chains too. Most girls like to have multiple strings of beads on them to add color and variety. In fact, you can also make layers by choosing one small-length neckpiece, one medium-length, and one long-length piece. Choose pendants of various sizes to add more style.

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23 May

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