Its my birthday! Happy birthday to me!

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Today is the day I was born…chewah…at Hospital Sultanah Aminah (HSA) Johor Bahru…its the day when my pa and ma have smiling faces when they look at me.. because I’m cute laaa…ahakz. Well but its not turn out to be a cheerful for my birthday 2007, I hurt this person feelings and I felt terrible of myself. But really today I try to enjoy myself with my friends and its still feeling depressed.

Never mind, I will try to busy myself with my students presentation of their project and for tonight class PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. As for today, I have prepared small tokens includes of candies and cakes for them as my appreciation to them for supporting me and my career all this while.

To MENJ my darling, I love you with all my heart.. and the difference for my birthday today compare to last year are :

Great moments
1) I have my darling ELFIE (MENJ)
2) I have a stable job
3) I know which field to hunt for career
4) My house has been renovated
5) I have received 2 Scarf for my birthday gifts from my Special sister .. IRWANA ABD ZAMAN

Sad moments
1) I do not have my greatest supporter by my side which is my PAPA.
2) My cat – Anjang and her 4 kittens died and I dont have the generation of Anjang
3) im busy with my work and dont have time to treat my mom and the darling
4) My salary still the same.. no incremental was mentioned by the management
5) My best friend had hurt my feelings with her gross assumption and really make me depressed on my birthday

27 Sep

4 Responses to “Its my birthday! Happy birthday to me!”

  1. lilian says:

    Happy Birthday! Aww…I like the ‘softer side’ of MENJ. I wish he writes like you. LOL.

  2. Cousin Gary says:

    Happy Birthday Awin from Cousin Gary. We’ve been away on holiday this last week. Sorry its a late wish!!

    Hope to speak in more detail soon.

    Please add us as number 6 for Great moments!!

    All our love to you and all


  3. awinsjclarke says:

    Thanks for the B’day Wish, really appreciate it! As for Cousin Gary, how would I add you as number 6 for Great Moments?

    Lots of Love to all the Clarke’s family

  4. Cousin Gary says:

    I’ve found Uncle Malcolm.

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