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Well recently I went through several websites that much of focusing on business success and their strategic in keeping the business in line and growing it throughout the world. Erm, I found that really interest me to share it with you.

The TOP secret?

Show up.

Every day.

We never had snow days in high school. Never. Not once. Why? Because showing up matters.

Woody Allen is credited with the joke, “90% of life is just showing up.” But my dad was who told me first. And showed me. Every day. So much of life is just showing up.

It is also about how you can get lucky. And, really, so much of it is just putting in the work.

That doesn’t guarantee success – that’s where the other 10% comes in. But success mostly comes from putting in the time, day after day after day. You want to find smart ways to do it a la Tim Ferriss. But a willingness to work hard and smart will get you where you want to go. Want another example? Look at how Jon Stewart runs the Daily Show.

The key is, it doesn’t matter whether your goal is to grow your business, make people laugh or shape the lives of others, showing up matters.

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p.s : If you put your mind into it and work every day, you cannot fail.It will not happen instantly and it will probably not be easy and fun all the time, but at the end you will make it.I´m referring to blogging.

10 Sep

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