Gigantic keyboard in the making



As Ms. Noraniza notified me that there is an interesting event from one of the College Cosmopoint N.9. Ms. Azza E-Secretaryship lecturer have uploaded their activities pictures and one of it was the making of keyboarding replica pasted on the wall.

So, We decided to also try to create the keyboarding replica as one of the activities for the E-Secretaryship club JB. Therefore, We had named the activity as GOTONG ROYONG HAVOC E-SECRETARYSHIP. Most of the E-Secretaryhip students had joined the activity and started to cleaned up all the mess along the corridor and some of the classes. And one of it is at lab 3 whereby the making of the GIGANTIC KEYBOARD was held there.

The materials used in the making of the keyboard : Polystyrene for Burgers, some double sided tape, colored paper, printed alphabets and symbols, black sugared paper, pin or needle and UHT glue. and Voila, the GIGANTIC KEYBOARD pasted on the wall. Congratulations, to all the students that have helped as well as to their lecturers Ms. Noraniza, Ms. Norayunita and Me hehe .. Ms. Mazuin.

13 Nov

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