Four gift ideas for that hard-to-buy-for person

It’s that time of year when hoards of shoppers flood city streets and malls in search of the perfect gift for each and every person on their list.  Chances are, you are one of the masses.  And chances are, there is at least one person in your life that has left you tapping your chin as you consider what on Earth to get them.  Well, stop fretting!  Here are a few great ideas to get you going.

Gift Pairing

Gift pairing is the fine art of bringing two or three gifts together that create a whole experience.  Instead of just giving a book, consider pairing it with a bottle of wine and a candle, which suggests a warm evening curled up on the sofa for some sacred alone time.  Instead of just giving a DVD, perhaps pair it with gourmet popcorn and fine loose leaf tea.  By grouping gifts together it shows that you put forth the effort to think about how the receiver would best enjoy the gift.

Mag Bag

Magazine subscriptions are great gifts for hard to nail down folks.  Everyone loves flipping through them at the doctor’s office.  But most do not go out of their way to purchase them on a regular basis. There are a wide variety of magazines targeted to specific interests.  Know a bird lover?  There’s a mag for that.  Have a novice chef in your life?  There’s a mag for that.  Friendly with an adventurer or world traveler?  Yes, there is a mag for that as well.  Magazine subscriptions show that you pay attention to one’s interests.  But beyond that, it’s a gift they will receive every month, even if you’re not around to give it.

Museum Hop to Shop

Museums are great places to shop for gifts. In one small corner museum gift stores manage to bring together just about something for everyone.  Whether you seek a present for a man woman or child, their merchandise is always unique, interesting, and arty.  From neck ties to books to umbrellas, museum gift stores can be a one stop shop for the holiday season.  Some museums have even set up an online store so you can drop items right into a small business shopping cart and check out from anywhere in the country.  Two great sites to try are Art Institute Chicago’s and the Museum of Modern Art’s

Fun and Funky

Want to give something memorable that will bring a smile to anyone’s face?  Check out  They have put together an online collection of goods so unusual and awesome that you’ll find yourself shopping for items to adorn your own home instead. is another great place to find fun and funky gifts.  They have literally thousands of items under each category from clocks to T-shirts to pet bowls.  For one-of-a-kind gifts that are handmade or handcrafted, visit  Similar to Ebay, independent sellers can set up a page on the site and sell their wares.  Most items are beautiful and well-made enough to be sold at a trendy independent boutique.

02 Feb

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