Getting My VPS Services at a Great Rate

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When I decided to change some things with my online business, I had a feeling that it was going to get a lot busier because I was implementing a lot of changes that my customers had suggested themselves. I was already doing a lot of business on a daily basis, so I knew that I was going to have to look into Windows VPS hosting rather than shared hosting. I was going to end up having a lot more traffic on my website, so I knew this change was in order. I wasn’t sure which VPS service to go with, so I did a quick comparison of the ones that I had heard good things about.

When I checked everything about WInity, I knew that they were the company for me. Their Windows VPS would be able to handle the increased traffic that I was expecting to get, and then some. The reason I chose them is mainly because they have a really good reputation, plus their prices are definitely attractive. They offer either the same or more than what VPS companies offer, but their prices are a lot lower. That was a huge deciding factor for me.

I also liked that I was able to purchase extra IP addresses for my expanding business. I would be able to pay for all of this via PayPal, which is how I like to do the majority of my online business. I take payments through PayPal, and I like to just use those funds to pay for my own expenses. I was even able to set up my own billing cycle, so I chose to do it annually. I know some people may choose monthly or quarterly, but I also knew that I was not going to switch to another company for my VPS needs.

23 Aug

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