Four gift ideas for that hard-to-buy-for person

It’s that time of year when hoards of shoppers flood city streets and malls in search of the perfect gift for each and every person on their list.  Chances are, you are one of the masses.  And chances are, there is at least one person in your life that has left you tapping your chin as you consider what on Earth to get them.  Well, stop fretting!  Here are a few great ideas to get you going.

Gift Pairing

Gift pairing is the fine art of bringing two or three gifts together that create a whole experience.  Instead of just giving a book, consider pairing it with a bottle of wine and a candle, which suggests a warm evening curled up on the sofa for some sacred alone time.  Instead of just giving a DVD, perhaps pair it with gourmet popcorn and fine loose leaf tea.  By grouping gifts together it shows that you put forth the effort to think about how the receiver would best enjoy the gift. Continue reading »

02 Feb

Its a Wedding of the Year 2012 ~ Norayunita

After posting a bundle of photos of Nora’s wedding, now its Norayunita Othman vs Mokhtar Musa that was recently announced themselves as married couple. Unfortunately, I did not come to her wedding due to taking care of Muawiyah.

It was taken place at her home in Felda Tenggaroh, Johor on 5th February 2012 on Sunday. She is known as smiley icon whereby her smile is so wide until reach her ears. :)). Well below are the joyous picture of both of them in their wedding apparel.

06 Apr


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It was over 10 years that I & ex-schoolmates didn’t gathered and chit chatting about guys since 1994-1998 during my schooldays… ahakz… yeah its true, we all ni dulu gatal2.. huhu if there were a coolest guy that passing by during sports tournament, scouts camp, school activities(arts-mural) or whenever we going back to school, we will always talks about them.

Erm… Well that time goes by and most of my friends got married happily with their cutest children. I’m still not in their list but some sort of waiting list to go to the next life. Most of them got a bit chubby, yeah its goes the same way as I am. Trying to shed some pounds that covering my sexy body .. chewah!

Well the the event on that night was running smooth however there’s were several hitches and hiccups on the dinner served. The theme of that night was Blue Diamond represent our SSP emblem that are blue in color. 1st august 2009, took place at SMKSP aka SSP (Sek. Sri Perhentian) Pontian and had started at 9pm whereby supposedly to start at 8pm.

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26 Aug

Al-Fatihah for Suenartie

Shocking news! My classmate – ex now (Suenartie Jahari) had died in a car crash accident together with her husband (Samsul) and her dearest son – Ammar Firdauz, 3 years old. It was happened on the 3rd Jan 2009 at 1.15pm (during that time I was still in class and never thought this kind of incident would crossed my mind).

The death of her family was discovered first by one of my friend (ASMAHANI) sarawakian and then told to another one of my classmate (MILFADZILAH) that happens to be at her kampung TANJUNG KARANG *( nearby the accidents was occured). The police tried to call her family way back at Sabah but no hp numbers that they could find because some culprits have stole their hps and purse. Only a piece of paper that they found several numbers of her classmate that can be contacted in the kancil.
However, her lil’ sister survived with a severe injuries and now still in ICU.

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05 Jan