Gigantic keyboard in the making



As Ms. Noraniza notified me that there is an interesting event from one of the College Cosmopoint N.9. Ms. Azza E-Secretaryship lecturer have uploaded their activities pictures and one of it was the making of keyboarding replica pasted on the wall. Continue reading »

13 Nov

Seven emergency make-up bag items to keep in your school locker

When you get ready for school in the morning it takes you a while to make yourself look beautiful. Then you head out the door and have an amazing day where nothing goes wrong. Does that sound familiar? I didn’t think so. Something always goes wrong and it’s great to be prepared. The last thing you need is to be stressing out because you have a problem. Β It’s not like you can run home, so you’re stuck. You can solve all this by keeping an emergency make-up bag in your locker. It means when anything goes wrong it can be fixed straight away. All you need to do is organize some essential things and throw them inside. Let’s have a look at what should be inside your bag. Continue reading »

17 Nov


Terms they use in COMMERCIAL LAWS. I’ve added the the embedded video as to clarify the students on the regular terms use in their subject of C.Laws.

25 Jun


Wow.. the first time I watch this video it’s kinda impressed me a lot to see all the students were paying attention in the class. That’s a good idea for me to teach them the POWER TEACHING as it one of the methods to avoid tired, stress and forgetful to the subject. Cosmopoint student, here I come. I hope them will not shy and try to mind open with this new technique! πŸ™‚

Try to watch the video below, you will know why I’m so enthusiast with it.

23 Jun

Successful event after all!

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Thanks to all the committee πŸ™‚ that took part on the event whether before, during & after the event. It was a successful event after all, although there’s hitch and hickup before the event get started but they managed the event that I didnt expected it would be. I’ve received few smss from the speaker of the table etiquette from MyaZoa Consultant management said that “…the event was spectacular… in fact the event that I’d really enjoyed most.. “. So overwhelmed with the feedback that they given to us. The committee that create the teamwork and coorperation among them before and during the event, has give great impact towards the event.

Thanks to all the participants that were came on the ‘IMAGE ENHANCEMENT FOR PROFESSIONAL’ with such confidence and willing to learn new things for preparation on their future career. Insyallah, the certificate had been common seal and only need to write down the participants name on it. Alhamdulillah, they were 109 people had came that night. However, 107 served western cuisines were available on that night. There’s lots of sacrifices made by the committee such as (have to share food, give their goodies bag, not able to listen to the speaker, got quarrel over something, have to come early, back late at night and have to pay extra cash for the event).

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28 Apr

“Table Etiquette 4 Professionals”

Yes, finally it is the topic for the Secretary’s Nite speaker by Mdm. Maizom and Mdm. Zainurani. For further details of the consultants. Here’s the address

The date has been postponed to 24th April 2009 however venue and time are remain unchanged.

That coming event will not be so formal however for the Public Relation class they are ought to wear formal attire for the event. The attire on that night will definitely an office-look style but not so fancy or too simple.

The door gift will definitely surprise you and as our appreciation to those who came, we will give you “something” to sooth you down!

See you there! πŸ™‚

07 Apr