Florists offer two easy choices for placing orders

Florists offer two easy choices for placing orders

Trying to decide what to give your mother for Mother’s Day can be a daunting task, if you let it be one.  Choose not to.  Instead of frantically running here and there, from store to store looking aimlessly, relax at home calmly and do one of two things.  Either get online and go to your local florist’s website, or pick up your phone and call your florist.  Whichever of these two choices you make, you will get the most form your efforts, a wonderful, thoughtful gift, and a very happy mom.  Win, win, and win.

If you get online to order, you will be pleasantly surprised.  Most florists now have large online catalogs of their arrangements, plants, and gifts.  Beautiful color pictures show you their selection, and each has a helpful description to help you decide which to choose.  And you can make additions, too, like boxes of chocolates, balloon bouquets, and stuffed animals.  After you have decided what to have delivered, the order process is straight forward and simple, just like ordering from any other online site.  And just think, you saved gas, time, and money, with the only strenuous activity you had to perform being a little typing.

If you choose to call in your order, it is even easier.  Now all you have to do is talk.  And the florist’s knowledgeable staff will walk you through the whole ordering process, making it very easy and simple for you to schedule a delivery for your mom.  They can explain to you what their specials are for the Mother’s day holiday, and about their different price points.  They can listen to a little information from you about your mom’s interests and hobbies, and make some recommendations for you of things they can do to incorporate them.  Maybe adding a bird or butterfly would be a charming touch your mom would appreciate, or including some gardening seed packets would pay tribute to her green thumb.

Perhaps blooming plants, such as patio pots of hanging baskets would be more to your mother’s liking, or a fabulous gourmet basket or junk food basket would really make her eyes light up.  Whatever her tastes and preferences are, they can probably accommodate them, one way or the other.

So, understanding that a florist can make your gift giving simple and easy is the first step to getting a handle on this holiday.  The second step is contacting one.  It is as simple as that.

About the author: S.H. is a trained, experienced floral designer who has been helping others with their holiday needs, such as Mother’s Day delivery, for many years. 

19 Apr

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