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Assalamualaikum, here I am with my first blog post. Actually I am not much of a writer (much less a blogger!) but he insisted that I start to blog. He bought the domain name and hosting and the rest, they say, is history. What direction will this blog take? At the moment I am unsure but I guess it will just be filled with my daily ramblings, thoughts and musings…the usual stuff people always write.


If you want to comment, please do so in the box below. Be gentle please, I am still new to this blogging thing.

05 Jun

13 Responses to “First blog post”

  1. JiNG says:

    hey hey hey.. good luck on ur new blog..hahaa.

  2. Andrew Raj says:

    Welcome to the bloggin world.. Have fun k..

  3. Charles says:

    Good, come out. smell the fresh air 😉

    Then perhaps, you can make better “choices”. I think you know what I mean.

    Happy blogging anyway

  4. The Boinq says:

    Welcome and have fun 🙂

  5. tips says:

    welcome to blogging arena 🙂

  6. aad_lfcfn says:

    walaikummussalam + wish you good luck in your blogging journey.

  7. anthraxxxx says:

    Welcome on board 🙂

  8. nyx says:

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy yourself! 🙂

  9. faqir says:

    Wow, newbie. Glad to know one!

  10. Bob K says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere. Hope its a fruitful experience for you.

    I just wanted to clarify that whoever the BobK is in the comment above, and also in the other comments in this blog, it isn’t me and probably is an erstwhile impersonator.

  11. awinsjclarke says:

    thanks to all of you… really new in this field tho.. well hope u support this blog and together will be the bloggers team.

    take care …

  12. Cousin Gary says:

    I dont seem to be able to see my comments posted on your blogsite

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