Feature of my 9-week fetus (was)

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When the fetus came out from the womb, it felt like something slimy and jelly fell out from the vagina. It really in a matter of seconds that it exerted with blood and pain. I managed to catch it and saw through it small tiny fetus that merely became a human, it is a size of a tadpole however the body and its head were not attached together. I think it is one of the cause why did this abortion happened. The fetus may be at risk of incomplete feature or not in well condition. Whatever it is I’m still thank god that everything that had happened to me have its causes and ‘secret’ behind it that only Allah knows it.

Anyway I did some researches and found image of a 8-week old of fetus that have been taken sharp and closely inside the amniotic sack aka yoke. See below :

10 Jul

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  1. I think every fetus, baby, kid or how you may wanna call it, has every right to be born in this world. Any child never chose to be born or not be. They are innocent and they deserve to live. I think 9 weeks is not enough to know if a particular fetus develops well or have some incomplete feature.

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