Four fashionista solutions to a neat vanity and makeup station

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Your vanity sees an awful lot of activity. Not only is it used to help you get ready, but it also becomes the main storage area for all of your makeup, hair products and other bathroom necessities.

 When your vanity is messy, it can make your bathroom appear dirty, and it can make getting ready a time-consuming task. Nobody wants a dirty bathroom, and nobody wants their prep time to take any longer than it already does, and the best way to combat this is to clean and organize your vanity, and the following four tips will help you make this possible.

 Use baskets.

Baskets are probably one of the best organization methods ever used. Invest in some baskets (you can get colorful plastic ones from your local dollar store), and organize items on your vanity and place them into baskets. Put hair products in one basket, makeup in another basket, perfume in another basket, and so on. You can then either leave the organize baskets on your vanity, or place the  baskets inside a cabinet to clear off your vanity altogether. If you don’t have any cabinets, consider adhering your baskets to the wall and turning your organization into bathroom décor. For an easier option, you can place baskets on wall shelves so that you can take the whole basket down when necessary.

 Invest in a makeup bag/box.

Purchase a cute makeup bag or box and make sure to put all of your makeup inside the bag or box when you’re done using it. This way, you don’t have to spend a ton of time every day trying to find your mascara, bronzer or eyeliner, as it will all be placed in one centralized location. Plus, when you put everything into a bag, it declutters most of your vanity, and you can either leave just the bag or box on the counter, or you can stick it away in a cabinet or drawer and pull it out when you need it.

 Purchase a metal garbage can.

Do you have curling irons, straighteners and hair dryers taking up space on your vanity? If so, you can easily clear up your messy vanity by finding one centralized location for all of these items, and a quick and easy tip is to invest in a  small metal garbage can and adhere it to the side of your vanity. Now, all of your hair styling items can be cleared off of your vanity, but can easily be found when needed. Plus, by using a metal garbage can, you can easily stick them back where they belong after you use them, as the metal will not melt from the heat of your styler.

 Keep cleaning wipes on hand.

Vanities easily get messy. Powders from your makeup brushes, smudges from lipstick and residue from hair sprays and other styling products find their way onto your vanity and make it look dingy. Instead of allowing all of this to build up on your vanity and wait for the one day that you have time to give it a thorough cleaning, why not invest in some cleaning wipes and keep them on or near your vanity at all times. When you’re done getting ready, give your countertop a once over with a cleaning wipe to remove and hair product or makeup residue. Doing this keeps your area clean at all times and forces you to put all of your products away.

 Messy vanities are not fun. They make it hard to find what you’re looking for and can make your bathroom seem crowded and unclean. Instead of having a messy vanity, you need to use these four tips to help keep your vanity clean and clutter free.

About the author: Stella Luna Brown provides guidance in the selection of designer bathroom sinks. Stella works for CHS.

20 Oct

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