Five fantastic moments on a perfect wedding

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Weddings are far more than the sum of their parts. While they involve a lot of logistical challenges and a huge amount of organisation, it’s not the little things that really matter. Remember that when you are rushing around to prepare for your big day and stressing over the flower arrangements. None of that really matters as long as you are happy with your partner and able to express that love in front of your friends.

That said however, there are still some particular highlights at any wedding. Not so much the finer details as the most amazing moments – the moments that will stick in your mind as flashbulb memories (look it up) and stay with you forever. These moments almost seem to freeze time and capture perfectly just how amazing your wedding is. Read on for some of the most special moments that will together make up the happiest day of your life.

Walking Down the Aisle

This has to be the big moment — when all heads turn to see the beautiful bride decked out in white and surrounded by her closest friends and relatives. She’ll be bawling her eyes out no doubt, and as she meets the gaze of her husband to-be everyone in the room will see just how in love they are.

“You May Kiss The Bride”

And with those words, the happy couple lock lips and seal the deal. This is a fantastic moment that has a lot of build up and hype. Once again, it ultimately doesn’t matter precisely how you kiss, just the fact hare that moment.

The Wedding Car

Now the bride and groom climb into their wedding limousineto be taken to their next destination. They drive away as man and wife for the next time. This is an incredibly happy and exciting moment, preceded by the equally lovely moment when the bride and groom emerge from the church under a shower of confetti.

The First Dance

This is the part that genuinely looks as though it comes from a Disney movie. The two of you should choose a song that really speaks to you and about who you are, and then dance slowly so that everyone can see you together and in sync while dressed immaculately. Of course it can also be just as great if you choose to go the other way and pull out some choreographed dance routine. It’s your choice whether you want to be Cinderella and Prince Charming, or the characters from Greece.

The Speeches

Many couples will consider foregoing speeches to save themselves and the men in their lives from potential embarrassment and awkwardness. My advice to you is don’t. When you give your speeches, this is the moment when you get to express yourselves and when those who love you can pay tribute. It’s a great moment and while it may be scary, it’s another of those most precious memories that you can keep with you long after the big day has finished.

Today’s guest author, Ken Smith, is a limo driver based in Toronto, Canada. He is a hard worker and strives to make the limo experience a memorable one for his customers. He enjoys listening to soft music in his spare time.

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