Eszeween’s Wedding

Congratulation to Eszeween & Rizal on her wedding today with her beloved husband … the occasion runs smoothly and lots of people came to the house at Bandar Tun Hussein Onn. I’ve came twice which on the 22nd Nov was the Nikah that fully conducted by Menj’s father as the JURUNIKAH of the day! hehe … Well the one whose panic was the Jurunikah not the groom…well as those say’s ” Practice makes purrrrfect!… enjoy the pixs below:

From the left: nazari, menj’s mom, The bride & Groom, menj’s dad, menj himself
Myself, meen, eszereen.

The “pelamin” – the place for the bride and groom to be sitted in front of others.

The wedding gifts.

23 Nov

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    what a nice family….. (”,)

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