Seven emergency make-up bag items to keep in your school locker

When you get ready for school in the morning it takes you a while to make yourself look beautiful. Then you head out the door and have an amazing day where nothing goes wrong. Does that sound familiar? I didn’t think so. Something always goes wrong and it’s great to be prepared. The last thing you need is to be stressing out because you have a problem. ┬áIt’s not like you can run home, so you’re stuck. You can solve all this by keeping an emergency make-up bag in your locker. It means when anything goes wrong it can be fixed straight away. All you need to do is organize some essential things and throw them inside. Let’s have a look at what should be inside your bag.

Get a nice bag

The first thing you will obviously need is a make-up bag. Not something you already use because it has to stay inside your locker. Make sure it’s lovely and nobody can see through it. Your emergency kit should be kept private. It also needs to be small enough that it fits inside your locker without taking up all your space.

Smelling good

You never know what will happen at school that will leave you smelling unpleasant. Maybe an experiment will go wrong in chemistry. Someone could spill some food down you in the cafeteria. All you need to worry about is having a small bottle of perfume that will make you smell nice if something goes wrong.

Don’t forget dental supplies

Anything could go wrong with your mouth. You might think your breath smells and you won’t want to go the rest of the day thinking about it. You could have something stuck in between your teeth. Some mouthwash and floss should cover you from most emergencies.

Female products

Your time of the month could easily come quicker than you think. It makes sense to have supplies ready in case the unfortunate happens. Even if it doesn’t happen to you it could happen to one of your friends. They’re definitely going to owe you one if you save them.

Medication time

If you start to get a sore head or throat you could sort yourself out instead of going to the school nurse. But first you’ll need to check what your school will allow. Some cough drops would be a good idea for when you have a tickly throat, and perhaps some mild painkillers for a sore head.

Emergency make-up

If you end up messing with your make-up you won’t be too happy. It’s going to be hard to study with one hand covering your face all day. Do yourself a favor and keep a few basics handy. Mascara, foundation, and lip gloss are a few things you can start with. Just don’t go crazy with things you might never use.

Hair supplies

At the very least you should keep a brush in there if you don’t carry one about in your normal bag. If you have your hair in any special style you might also need to keep a few others things handy. The only thing you should worry about is making your hair look decent in an emergency. It doesn’t need to be perfect.

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17 Nov

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