Five easy ideas to revamp your look

curly_hairWhen you are searching for new ways to refresh your style, you have a number of options. You can always go out to the mall and spend a fortune. But if you are looking for some new ways to enhance your look that won’t break the bank, then you are in luck. There are a few simple and easy ideas that you can do right now to revamp your look and feel great.

1. Update Your Accessories

You don’t have to buy hundreds of dollars’ worth of new clothes to have a fresh new look. Instead, you can update a few small accessories and feel just as great. Go out and purchase yourself a new purse. Try on a new belt. Look for a brand new bracelet. Whatever it may be, it can be the change you are looking for.

2. Curl Your Hair

If you currently have a hairstyle that you are not crazy about, then go ahead and curl it for a day. It’s extremely easy to do. There is no need to go to a hair salon. You can simply bust out the hot rollers and do it yourself!

3. Clean Out Your Closet

This can be tough, as you probably have a fair number of clothes that you don’t want to part ways with. It is okay and understandable. But there is an easy solution. Take all your clothes and put them on one side of your closet or even in a separate closet if you can. As you wear each article of clothing hang it back up on the opposing side or put it in the closet with no clothes. Continue to do this for a month or two and you will soon find what you actually wear and what you can get rid of. This will leave you with a slew of new opportunities to mix and match your clothes.

4. Change the Appearance of Your Eyes

A super simple way to refresh your look is to change the color of eyeliner you use. If you are currently wearing black eyeliner, then switch to brown. If you are wearing brown eyeliner then switch to dark blue. No matter what color you are wearing, the point is to change it up. It’s a subtle way to give you a great new look.

Along those same lines, you can also experiment with colored contacts.  You can get a pair of cheap colored contacts to break out on special occasions.  You don’t need to spend a fortune; just find something that will add a bit of whimsy to your life!

5. Try a New Shoe Style

Just like a new eyeliner color, the idea here is to change things up. Are you wearing flats all day? Then change it up. Haven’t worn a pointy-toed shoe in a while? Then make the switch. This will give you a new and diverse look.

Revamping your look doesn’t have to be a huge endeavor. By making simple changes like the five ideas listed above, you can truly make a difference. There is no need to spend all your money for a refreshed look. Just make simple and subtle changes. Over time these little things add up to a new look that is easy to maintain. Enhance your look today and show off your refreshed appearance.

Guest author Beatrice Hartley is a freelance writer.  She often shares beauty and fashion tips for women. 

22 Mar

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