Previously, 3 years flashback of my first time to shop online. I shopped for a Rolex watch that ( obviously, not genuine) for only rm65 with delivery charges of rm12. Yes, I got that watch but erm… I really forgets where is it now. ahakz.

Then last 2 weeks, I had once again ventured into what I called it as E-Shopping. I went for buying all sorts of perfumes and slim n silhouette thingy that I’d bid for not less all of them priced RM250. It’s easy as before just bid and if you are the winner, should asap do the payment to the virtual shop owner.

Below are the pixs :

04 Dec

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  1. Bb says:

    aku dah start shopping online 9 yrs ago til now..ahaks..saje nak dengki kau..

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