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Refer to the information below, as stated in the e-mail that I received from HQ (Kuala Lumpur); Mrs Cecilia Pereira our DES Program Manager has given some hints that will guide the students to comprehense more detailed on those area which it would involve essay writing and full sentence of answer. It is advisable that the students would create an example for the answers that could support your points and fact out of the textbooks and learning kits.

Dear All

Please find attached some tips for the forthcoming Final Exam – DES.

Cecilia Pereira
DES Program Manager

Diploma in E-Secretaryship
Areas of Concentration for FE January 2007

No Subject Topics
1 DES 210 Professional Office Procedures Meetings, travel arrangements, stock requisition, filing, petty cash, cheques,

2 DES 310 Personal Development Dress sense, hairstyles, guidelines for healthy eating, exercise, skin care, festivals, table etiquette, good and bad habits

3 DES 411 Intro to Admin. Office Mgt Office planning and layout, Office forms, Document classification, Cost control, budget

4 DES 410 Advertising Media Mgt Types of Advertising, SWOT, budgeting

5 DES 404 Intro to Human Resource Mgt HRM activities, HR Laws, Employee selection, appraisal, Career Development, training

6 DES 502 Organisational Behaviour Group decision making, communication, leadership, change, stress

7 DES 501 Critical & Creative Thinking Thinking skills, two-brain theory, change, mindset, brainstorming,

8 DES 402 Public Relations Communication, BAIE, consumer rights, intranet, employee annual report, suggestion box

9 DES 602 Business Law Breach of contract, consideration, proposal and acceptance, Malaysian Law,

p.s : Goodluck for your examinations, do perform well to those exams and be the best among the best!

28 Dec

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