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Nowadays there are so many cars on the road that it can be a real challenge just to get from A to B without an incident. If you factor road rage into the equation, you can begin to feel less than secure every time you turn that key in the ignition. But on the other hand, we are driving safer cars and the roads are certainly in better condition than yesteryear. So why are there so many accidents that keep on occurring on these oh so safe byways and highways? The problem remains that no matter how safe you drive your car, you cannot predict how well the other motorists are driving themselves. This article looks at a few ways that can help you to remain as safe as possible when you are behind that wheel.

Stay Sober!

This one is a no brainer but you may be surprised to learn that people still do it and they do it often. In 2008, 11,773 people died in the United States as a result of drunk driving. Over 30 percent of all car accidents occur as a result of drunk driving. The best way to not add to these statistics is to avoid any alcohol before you drive. Even the previous night’s antics can have an effect on your driving abilities. Many careless people have fallen foul to the breathalyser test on their way to work the next day!

Speed Kills!

Here we have another fairly obvious statement that still doesn’t seem to reach millions of stupid motorists out on our roads. In 2008, speeding was the main cause of 31% of accidents on the roads in the United States. If you must make that appointment on time, please leave your home or workplace a little earlier. Driving an extra 10 mph will save you a few minutes but will increase your chances of crashing by nearly 50%.


The third biggest killer on the road are motorists that are not giving their full attention to their driving activities. Every year 2,600 people die as a result of careless driving. Stupid distractions like cell phones or changing the music track can have lethal consequences. Other daft behaviour such as applying makeup and eating or smoking are amongst the top causes of these deadly results. More and more idiots are using their cell phones and don’t seem to realise that the chances of them crashing are increased by nearly 30 percent!

Stay Awake!

Ensure that you are wide awake and alert before you start any car journey, especially if it is a long drive. 20% of auto accidents have a ‘tired’ factor involved as the main cause. Your response time is drastically reduced and you can easily miss an important road sign or a slowing car as a result. It is so easy just to drift off if you are overtired and you can soon find yourself waking up in a strange hospital! Just get some rest the night before and don’t try to burn the candle at both ends!

Common Sense

As long as you adhere to these 4 valuable pointers you should continue to drive safely on our roads – Good Luck!

About the author: Todd Jacobson is an instructor with a high performance driving school in Florida and trains people in competition dynamics and advanced driving techniques. His hobbies include writing and playing tennis.

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