Drift Van or SuperRusa?

Is it possible for my one and only Rusa to be a drift van? I really like to own a sport car like Mitsubishi Lancer and sewaktu dengannya.. ahakz… But last month Ive seen Rusa that already been transformed into sporty kinda look that really nice and if you see it once surely you would want to see it twice or more… or maybe only me who’s the one admiring it the most?

Well the important thing is that I’m really gonna paint my Rusa Van with its original colour (Goldish) and add sports rim if I could afford it, hope so! I already survey (at pontian of course, mana lagi kan) the price for oven spray really cheap and the quality of its service can be guaranteed 99.9% (because one of the staff just got to be my next door neighbor), how did I know that he is my neighbor (long story, forget it because I’d lost $$$ RM80 just to get to know with this chap!@@#$@#).

So, every time I go to Pekan Nenas (in front of the Fire Brigade Dept), my eyes cant even take a glimpse out of it or cant afford to missed seeing this fantastic RusaVan that already modified into ..mmmammamia.. .with white color body and black tinted glass really make it look classy!

I’ve sneaky took picture of it. Have a look down below:

This is the speed test….very fast lorry!

21 Dec

3 Responses to “Drift Van or SuperRusa?”

  1. Bb says:

    wahh..rusa ke tu..cantik la beb..
    tukau la camtu beb..
    nanti leh drift dgn kancil aku..hahhahahha..

  2. sally says:

    wah…mcm ni br la rasa confident nak drift rusa dgn ko.gunakan tanpa was-was lagi!

  3. awinsjclarke says:

    Wah3 tunggu laa penantian Rusa ditukar kepada Drift Van.. Chewah! Leh aku ajak korang gi picnic kat Gunung Pulai dengan rasa confident… ahakz 🙂

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