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Sorry for the delayed stories and tips for my blog. Really its really a busy time for me to keep updating the blog as I have lots of obligation and tasks that I need to settled for the time being. I have to lecture for almost all the subjects are mugging subjects. As you all know, that management field is all about knowing the do’s and the dont’s… therefore im out of voice and tired from travelling daily from Pontian to JB and vice versa which took me almost 1.5 hours to reach to my workplace.

Currently, Im at cyber cafe because the internet(streamyx) at my house is not available for time being, the wiring man is useless they never ever have the initiative to check all the plugs and telephone line to be properly functioning. Really can’t understand how these people work for others, very annoying attitude those guys have.

Stress out of work but at the same time enjoy my nature of work, that’s why I love to teach. Thanks Cosmopoint college for giving me the experience of the lifetime that I myself would never ever thoughts to be a LECTURER. I would further my studies and venture myself into lecture for the Degree or might as well for PHD Students, Insyallah.

03 Oct

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