Why can’t women be heroes without sex appeal?

Whenever television wants to showcase a woman being a cool hero, she always has to have some sort of sex appeal. It’s like the producers of the show know how every single man works, so whenever a woman appears on screen the first thing every man thinks about is how she would look naked and whether or not he would have sex with her. In turn, this effects women’s ability to just be plain hardcore. For some reason, women can’t kill a villain without showing a bit of cleavage, and it’s not actually that fair.

A good example of this is Kate Beckett from ABC’s major ratings hit Castle, which stars Stana Katic as the heroic detective. Beckett is a kickass heroine, some might say she’s an action girl or a femme fatale, but on the whole she is the hard boiled cop who gets stuff done, takes no nonsense and isn’t afraid to shoot the bad guy dead if the case requires it. She’s pretty cool, but throughout the series we’re lead to certain scenes where Beckett is dressed up or “sexified”, likely to satisfy a male audience. The issue is that Beckett is already a great cop and she is very career centric, but she has men drag her down throughout. She’s shown as a stiff during Season 1 because of her lack of sexual encounters as she talks with Lanie Parish. Continue reading »

16 Nov

Allergic to duck meat?

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Last weekend, both of us (my husband and I) went to his late grandmother’s place at Muar, Johor for a ritual event  (bacaan yassin) in memory of his grandparents and those who have in the previous years. The family served many kinds of dishes, one of them being duck curry. Yeah, and it tastes just like beef.. can you imagine that? I have never tasted duck meat which is similar to beef  and also more to the taste of chicken. I don’t know whether the ducks that his uncle raised were a different species, or maybe the ducks were feeded with food that made them tougher than other ducks.

Then we straight head back to Batu Pahat and enjoyed the new movie, “Inception”, before returning to Pontian. After we arrived, I noticed that my hand had started to look like its infected….rashes started bursting out on my right hand! However, it was even worse on the back of my husband’s body….rashes started spreading all over and some of the rashes had lumps of  “itchy fluid” in it. He started to scratch his body just like a monkey dancing in the zoo :)… so I tended to his rashes by rubbing Drapolene cream onto his back to relief the itchiness.

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28 Jul

Vengeance? Retaliation? Or revenge!!!

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I just can’t stand it… those creatures that are suffering with hatred-heated heart! (haaa ko hambik tu… ni betul2 geram ni!)

I think this is such a tough question, and one i think about a lot. As feminists, especially in academia, we are taught to examine life through a critical eye. We then have a few options: 1. ignore the “misogyny”; 2. “girl”cott the experience/product/etc; or 3. Experience and critique. My vote is for #3 since if we ignore either the misogyny or don’t experience what we love we are missing out on the opportunity for education and change.

Why this sort of people should be stuff (not staff) in the sophisticated business world. It is just not so fair! Looking at their attitude, low-level of thinking, disgusting tactics, tons of lying, gossiping and all sort of “Appalling Cunt” behavior that they possessed in that rottenness body.

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27 Feb

I really hate pests!

Yesterday I saw ants scurrying across the room. I am a neat person and I really hate these pests! I am not sure why Stuart is not doing his job of killing ants, but I guess cats are not too fond of such creatures either. Good thing that I do not have any real problems with other types of pests such as rats, cockroaches or termites. Those things would be a nightmare if they are left running around the house, no doubt. So I decided to take care of the issue of pests in my home once and for all. I did stumble across this Terminix Ultimate Protection for solution against pests, but I am not sure whether this is for me. It does look impressive, however, so I think I do have to give it a go.

14 Mar