Four common pests that pose serious risks to your family’s health

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Four common pests that pose serious risks to your family's health

The presence of pests and rodents in your home will have harmful effects on your family’s health, most especially if everyone has been exposed to them for a long period of time. It is important to understand that pests and rodents and humans can not coexist in a home at all because of the dangers associated with their mere presence and severe infestations. You may have a few common pests and rodents at home such as cockroaches, ants and rats, but sharing your home with them places your family in a serious health situations. They all pose serious threats to your family’s health and learning more about the risks involved will help you understand why the need for pest and rodent control must never be neglected.

1. Cockroaches

Many children, mature adults and people with weak immune systems have severe sensitivities to the allergens found on cockroaches. These allergens can aggravate health conditions to those with respiratory illnesses and trigger allergic reactions to others. These allergens are usually found in the saliva ejected by cockroaches, their droppings and the decomposing bodies of cockroaches. The longer saliva, droppings and their decomposing bodies are left inside a home, the greater the risk of your family members coming into contact with these allergens. Bacteria such as salmonella and E coli can also contaminate food, food surfaces and cooking utensils, indicating that your family can get sick at any time when cockroaches are present.

2. Ants

The sighting of a lone ant indicates that there are already hundreds of ants in your home. Ants are not only unsightly creatures to find in your home, but they are also dangerous since they can contaminate food and cooking items as well as plates and spoons. The presence of ants means that contamination is highly possible, thus putting your family’s health in danger.

3. Rodents

Allergic reactions can occur due to the exposure of rodent droppings, but the risk of getting infected with serious diseases is great as well. Rodents also carry bacteria on their bodies and they can contaminate surfaces inside the kitchen including other exposed kitchen items. Sadly, rodents can enter a home through small holes and cracks which are usually hidden, then hide in dark places where you will not be able to find them. The first indication that you have a rodent infestation is the evidence of the presence – droppings. You will often find rodent droppings behind cupboards, in pantries, along walls and under baseboards.

4. Fleas And Ticks

If you have a family pet, then the chances of having a flea and tick infestation in your home are also great. Fleas and ticks are animal pests, but since they feed on the blood of animals, they can also feed on human blood. Unfortunately, they also carry dangerous diseases and have the ability to trigger serious allergies, which only increases the importance of having your pet treated for fleas and ticks, along with extensive flea and tick control.

How You Can Keep Your Family Safe

Considering the health risks all these pests and rodents pose, the need for regular housekeeping and professional pest control treatments are important. Always check your home for any holes and cracks, and then have them sealed. Eliminate any clutter and prevent food and shelter resources that pests and rodents seek inside your home. Though there are plenty of pest control products being sold over the counter, having a professional treatment applied guarantees complete pest and rodent elimination that ensures the safety of your entire family.

About the author: Valerie Williams is a freelance writer specializing in the health risks associated with pests and rodents as well as natural pest control treatments.

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