Clarke’s family tree is growing bigger and bigger

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THIS WAS TAKEN IN MY EMAIL… really cant believe it that our Clarke’s family tree is growing bigger and bigger… thanks to Allah … to Gary and Family for supporting us all the way!

Hi Awin, Not sure I may have copied this to you already!!


Hi Gary,

Glad to hear from you too, how is your mother ?, I haven’t seen her for about 38 years!!!, and how is Stephen…do you have any contact with him ?. Where do you live?, I see from your tree you have Welsh connections. I will tell you about the family here….The last time I saw them was at Marks funeral last year, Jesse’s daughter Ella was there and his son Alan…they are o.k. Marks daughter Valerie lives in Ossett, Laurence has a son Richard in Australia he has no children and Phillip lives in the South of England, he has no contact with the family.

The brothers are all dead now except my Dad who is 90 and lives with us, my Mother died in 2003. The only thing I heard about Janet was that she was a nurse living in Hampshire ? Is this right…the year you were born I was working in London and at that age you have no interest in your family anyway, I don’t remember seeing your Mum after that. I am glad to know she is o.k please give her my love.

You will not remember your Grandmother Doris… But she was lovely, my favourite Aunty, she had the greatest sense of humour, very dry, your Mum and Malcolm were the same, Have you inherited it too ?. The last time I saw your Grandfather Les was at my Mums funeral, it was funny because my Husband Chris had never seen the Clarke brothers together before ( minus Jess) and they all looked exactly the same.. Like Quads !!.

I don’t know if you are interested in the family history but you can see from my tree that I have gone into it, on the Clarke side (I did that first) I didn’t get far……needs more work now I am more experienced…..but on your Great Grandmothers side Mary Sophia, I have had a lot of information from another family descendant, he has written a booklet on the Barker family and sent me a copy, it is interesting and if you are interested I will mail you a copy (please don’t ask me to scan it as this is beyond my capabilities). Doris ‘s maiden name is interesting and unusual which makes it much easier to research, so I will have a look at her side if you don’t mind, it is my hobby and I am running out of people to research…..I wanted to know her maiden name but my Dad couldn’t remember it !!! He may remember her family though, I get all sorts of useful bits of info from him, he still has all his marbles.

I live in Slaithwaite, Huddersfield …. We live in the middle of the village near the canal and it is a nice spot, if you are ever able to come and visit us and meet my Dad that would be great. I have three grandchildren two born 2003 and one 2004 so anything that could be spoilt by young children already has been !!!.

Looking forward to hearing from you again.

Anne x

26 Jul

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