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It may be sad to think about it, but unfortunately not everybody can be trusted – even the people you work with every day. As we buy more and more portable technology, people can regularly come to work with thousands of dollars in things like laptops, phones and tablets that are their own, rather than company property, and sadly, sometimes these things get stolen.

If you often have expensive things on your person when you go to work, even if you don’t actually use them on the premises (for example if you bring an MP3 player you use during your commute), then it is important to do everything you can to keep them secure. Here are some tips.

Are Your Belongings Insured Against Theft While You Are There?

How have you insured the things you take to work? If they are covered by a gadget insurance policy or their own insurance, you are probably covered against theft when you are out and about, on the way to and at work. However, if you simply have them covered on your home insurance, you should check the fine print to see how well covered they are outside of the home. Also, look at what limits the insurer imposes on payouts on devices like your phone, and what kind of excess you would have to swallow. If you very frequently take things like your laptop and tablet to work, which you may not be able to afford to replace in one hit if they were stolen, then it may be worth upgrading your insurance.

Do You Use The Built In Security Settings?

Your gear is likely to have all kinds of security settings you can use to make it hard or impossible for thieves to get into if they do get hold of the device itself. However, a lot of users don’t set things like a password screen lock, because it can get annoying having to enter it every few minutes when you want to use your device.

If you are taking your gadgets to work, however, it makes a lot of sense to use these features, and also set up ‘Find My Phone’ type apps that will help you out if anything happens. If your phone, tablet and other devices are protected properly so that only you can unlock them, at least if they go missing the thieves won’t be able to get into your email, social media profiles, contact lists and other sensitive information.

Understand Your Workplace’s Security Policies and Systems

They may not be perfect, but your employer will have some measures in place to protect people on the premises. Make sure you know what the policies around security, locking things down and reporting any incidents are, and be familiar with the business security system, for example making sure you know which areas you should and should not have access to with your ID card and clearance.

By taking the best care of your gear, having the right insurance, and understanding how well protected your workspace is, along with what to do if there is a crime, you will be better equipped to both prevent and cope with workplace crime issues.

The contributor of today’s post, Kate Harris, is a private investigator. She is a frequent blogger. Being a professional investigator, Kate likes to share her expertise on business security systems. Kate believes that security system in businesses has become the need of the hour due to frequent cases of privacy intrusion.

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