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Buckles have a variety of uses in today’s market from everything from industrial applications to men and women’s fashion styles. They can be made from many different materials such as brass or plastic. The most prevalent application for buckles tends to be the belt buckle. Many variations of the belt buckle have been developed over the years. One of the most common and oldest designs is a frame style buckle. With this type of buckle, the prong will attach to one side of the frame and then extends out and away from the wearer by going through the hole in the belt. The older styles are a simple loop or frame shaped in a D. The small buckle version of this, which contained a removable center, was used on footwear.

The traditional belt style buckles that we see today is known as a box-out buckle. These are typically made with a synthetic or leather material for the band. This buckle is more fashionable but not very functional. They started to become famous after Hollywood began using them to create their new look. They are now viewed as a very attractive belt.

A common buckle for the military web belt is box-frame buckles. They are otherwise known as a friction buckle. This buckle is made up of three parts; they have a back, a front, and a post. The post is adjustable and sits perpendicular to the belt. This is so it can be pressed against the outer box, which reduces the chance of accidental adjustments, or for it to be snagged on something.

Belt buckles have been becoming more and more popular as a fashion accessory since the early 20th century. Now not only are they used for belts to hold up trousers and an adornment on shoes, but they are also used on purses as well. No matter what your tastes may be, there is a buckle out there to match your fashion statement.

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