Breastfeeding products that are worth it

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There are some wonderful tools and products that will help make the experience of breastfeeding worth it and much less of a hassle. Below are five products that help to make the breastfeeding experiences much more pleasant and enjoyable.

Breast Pump

If you are going back to work or if someone else will be taking care of your baby or just feeding the baby, a breast pump is a great tool to have so your baby can continue to have your breast milk. A breast pump will allow you to pump milk and store it for future use or for someone else to use in a bottle to feed your baby. Don’t waste your time going for a cheap breast pump. This will be frustrating and will take you longer to pump. A good, popular brand that has great review will work best. The breast pumps come in manual and electric. An electric pump is used more for frequent use and a manual pump for very infrequent pumping.

Nursing Bras

When you breastfeed your baby, your breasts will become swollen and a bit sore. Having a good nursing bra for giving you additional support is necessary. A nursing bra is one that opens at the top of the breast via a snapping flap allowing your breast to be exposed for when the baby needs to feed. You won’t have the struggle in public of hiding yourself or pulling straps and cups down. Nursing bras need to be without wires as it can cause the milk ducts to become blocked which can in turn cause in infection in the breast. Nursing bras come in many styles and colors and are simple to unhook with the flip of the finger.

Nursing Pillows

A nursing pillow can come in very handy for breastfeeding, especially for new learners. This will allow you to put the baby on the pillow allowing it to latch on to the breast much easier. It is a bit firmer than most pillows so mom can snuggle with the baby still while nursing. The nursing pillow also gives good support so you can sit down comfortably for a period of time while feeding the baby without straining your back, arms and neck.


When you begin breastfeeding your baby your nipples will be sore and may even feel painful. Using some lanolin oil or lanolin cream on cracked nipples will be very helpful. Lanolin oil and creams are a natural product so it won’t hurt the baby at all while breastfeeding. The cream or oil does not need to be removed when you breastfeed.

Nursing Cover: When you go out or have to be in public and breastfeeding your baby, you would probably enjoy the privacy of a nursing cover. These are not blankets that will fall down, but a cover that has an attached strap that goes around the neck with an opening that is a bit stiff so you can keep your eye on the baby while breastfeeding but still remain covered. These come in many lovely designs you can choose from.

All of these products can make your breastfeeding experience so much more pleasant and gives you and the baby a better chance to bond while providing the best nutrition for the baby.

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