A breakdown of the benefits senior housing software can bring

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With the entire world making strong and radical transitions to the digital age, no business can afford to be left out. When faced with trying to maintain cash flow, many senior living systems will try to analyze the market, and adopt standard best practices that other adopt. Perhaps the most cost effective and advantageous of these is senior housing software. While many may feel that nursing homes, assisted living homes, and other aspects of the senior housing and living system are just fine still using paper charts, lets consider this subject slightly more in depth.

Today, few and far between are the hospitals or other medical facilities that have not at least adopted hybrid charting, that is charts which combine a computer based aspect and a paper chart. But even those who were early adopters, and upgraded their systems to this hybrid method in the recent past, are now further upgrading their system to completely computer based software.

How can this affect senior housing and its needs? Consider the simple idea of across the board continuity of care and integration. Senior housing software would allow for nurses, doctors, and nursing assistants to quickly and easily review a patient recent, and not so recent, medical history.

In the event of an emergency, senior living management software can be integrated with local EMS systems, allowing responding emergency medical care providers to access the same information, answering many questions that they must ask. The collection of information by EMS is one of the most time consuming aspects of any emergency situation.

Further, upon arrival at the hospital, all of patient’s medical records can easily be accessed by a properly integrated system of senior housing software. And when returning from the hospital, all of a patient’s record, medication changes, and other order changes, can be quickly accessed by care staff.

This is only some of the benefits of assisted living marketing, which also includes better patient monitoring, less cost of paper and other supplies, lower cost of storage/chart maintenance, fewer clerical workers required, etc. The list just goes on and on!

19 Apr

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