Body and facial piercing trends for 2012

2012 has seen the emergence of a number of body and facial piercing trends, as less traditional fashions become more popular and acceptable in cosmopolitan western societies. Read on for a summary of the most popular piercings this year.

The Forward Helix

This ear piercing is now massively popular amongst both men and women. Somewhat sleek and subtle, the forward helix is a cartilage piercing based just above the point at which the ear meets the face. As it is so small and inoffensive, it is as versatile as it is cute, and wearers need not shy away from more formal clothing choices. The forward helix is best suited to a barbell or delicate ring.

Nose Studs

Nose studs have been going strong for five or so years, and show no signs of giving up. The subtlety of their size and placement means that they are increasingly accepted even as part of more formal work wear, whilst they maintain their status as a no-fuss, non-intrusive piercing for everyday usage.

The Septum

Septum piercings consist of a partial ring sitting at the very base of the nose, going through the cartilage in the centre. Though previously having strong punk and counterculture connotations, septum piercings now occupy a more conformist position in the social spectrum. The turning point probably came when Scarlett Johansson was photographed by paparazzi wearing hers whilst shopping!

The Navel

Ok, these aren’t an emerging trend. But the enduring appeal of belly button barbells means that they deserve a place on any list of the most popular piercings this year. Obviously, this area is hidden by formal wear, meaning that you don’t have to worry about whether or not wearing one is appropriate – if you’re in a situation where it’s ok to expose your midriff, then you’re probably also able to show off your body jewellery! Not to mention that they look great with a bikini.

The Triple Conch

This is a beautiful design, often featuring one larger gem flanked by two small ones. The conch position is tucked inside the ear, and this comparatively hidden location is subtle enough to ensure that these piercings will fit in with virtually all fashions. With a more plain design, the triple conch is also quite well suited to men.

The Back Dimple

Though these piercings will almost always be hidden, they aren’t for the faint of heart! As you might have guessed, the lower back plays host to two small gems. Beware though – you must be very slim to pull these off. It just isn’t the same when there aren’t actually any dimples remaining. You should also carefully consider positioning, as poorly placed back piercings will be hard to clean and may catch on clothing.

The Hips

Hip piercings are situated either side of the navel, over the widest parts of the pelvis. They tend to appear in a pattern of two transdermal studs per side, with a symmetrical and diagonal arrangement.

About the author: Andrea Coulson is a body piercing artist with her own studio in London. She enjoys writing and blogging in her spare time. Are you looking for “alphabet letter beads”? Check out beadsjar The passionate experts in this field are ready to answer all of your requests.

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