Your next It Bag and how to be able to afford it

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When it comes to fashion, women have a special relationship with their handbag. A handbag can be the item that ties together an outfit, the status symbol you crave, or the one constant in an ever-changing wardrobe that screams ‘you’. In 2013, the definition of ‘IT’ bags has changed since the original notion of an accessory that became totemic due to celebrity use. Bags aren’t given a name anymore. The designs a rarely practical and the charm doesn’t last half as long, but these designer must-haves still cost the equivalent of a month’s rent, and sometimes more.

In years past, you could buy a Kelly bag and bask in the glory of that purchase for years to come. An IT bag was an investment and a statement of classic good taste. Today, the world of designer bags is alarmingly changeable thanks to the fashion explosion of the nineties when haute couture was thrust into the grasp of the middle classes. Whether you favour Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Mulberry or Dior, here are some clever tips to help you get your hands on the bag of your dreams without going into debt or completely cleaning out your bank account.

Second hand

If you can’t afford a brand new designer bag then why not browse the second-hand market for the bag of your dreams or turn back the clock a little further and go vintage?

eBay and Etsy are the best place to find an affordable vintage handbag. Be sure though, to set yourself a limit if you’re shopping on eBay and don’t get caught up in the excitement. Another great place to find a vintage bag is to scour fashion websites and blogs. Often the larger websites will have a forum for second-hand trading.

Sale of the century

It takes a bit of research to find the best bargains. Don’t just head straight to Amazon, they don’t always have the best prices. Get creative and more specific with your online searching and you might end up getting a great deal from a lesser known retailer.

Mid way through the seasons shops start to clear out their seasonal stock. It’s at these times that you’ll grab a good price and still enjoy the relevance of your new purchase. The longer you wait, the more they’ll slash from the price.

Outlets are also a great way to save, especially when they cut the prices from their already discounted stock. Take care to look for any damaged or faulty stock. There’s usually a reason the stock ends up in the outlets, and it’s not always because it’s discontinued.

Beg, borrow or steal

The beautiful thing about economics is that where there’s a demand, there’s usually a supply. With the fast pace of fashion today, most people can’t afford to have the latest look. To help the fashion-oriented get the handbag they covet, websites have sprung up that will rent designer products. and have the latest designer bags that members can rent at very affordable prices. This could be the perfect option for a special event or to test the waters of the rich and glamorous without drowning in debt. These sites also have options to buy and sell handbags.

Put away the pennies

Back in the days before the internet, there was pretty much only one way that women could get their hands on the bag of their dreams. That way was to save up the money. Ideally, you can set aside a specific basic bank account just to this end and then gradually save enough until you can afford the handbag you like. The old-fashioned notion of saving shouldn’t be disregarded in this technologically driven world of instant gratification. There is satisfaction in working towards something. You’ll take a certain kind of pleasure and pride when you wear your IT bag on your arm, knowing that you earned it. If you do plan to invest in a design handbag, remember select something practical and timeless, or you’ll simply find that your IT bag becomes a ‘has-been’. Stick to neutral colours like black and brown and go for hardy, durable leather construction.

Fashion moves fast today and looking good doesn’t always mean wearing the latest trends. In fact, anyone frocked up in an outfit from top to toe that’s come straight off the catwalk is regarded as passé. The approach to style in 2013 is thoroughly post-modern and this means that you can pick and choose, mix and match from high-end and vintage, High street to hand me downs. It’s all up to your what your IT bag should look like and it’s up to you how you go about making it yours.

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