Baby boys names

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I like reading books in my past time covering all ranges of information about art, sciences and living skills. I also especially like to read on interesting information about pregnancy so that when the day comes when I am ready, I will be prepared for that moment. I know many friends who have been or are undergoing pregnancy and do not know what name to choose for their new addition to the family. Perhaps I can recommend them these names for baby boys which I found just recently. There is an interesting collection of baby names here which I think they would like a lot and will probably pick one as the name for their new baby. I really like the way the site presents itself as a resource for baby names and would certainly serve as a useful site for expecting mothers and those who are looking for a name for their first child or children.

20 Jun

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  1. NYTails says:

    I love looking at baby names! It’s tough to really pick one you love though without giving it a lot of consideration. Usually you or your husband knows someone you don’t like with the same name and it becomes a toss up.

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