Awareness Test

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I got this same thought with this blog by the name princess shin about the video shown below that I really have to include it for tonight issue “main2″ (tengah boring ni, malam tadi only tido 2 hours je siapkan final project for master programme) the youtube video of the awareness test that quite hillarious and it’s really a true statement of ” we tend to miss something that we are not looking for”… if it translated will be “tak kenal maka tak cinta” chewah…

Well please focus your attention to the ball and its surroundings of course.. (Creative and critical thinking test.. some sort like that) :

Did you manage to count it?

Did u see anything interesting?


Kinda scary at the same time right? There are so many things around us that we don’t notice and bad things happen to us because of it. I know I didn’t notice what I was suppose to see..

Did u?


06 Nov

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