How to avoid becoming a victim of wedding gift theft

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A wedding is a wonderful, almost surreal, affair that the bride, groom, and their guests must truly enjoy. Since a wedding is a celebration of love, couples exert all their efforts to make this affair go as smoothly as possible, which is why detailed planning is done. But sometimes, trouble stains these kinds of beautiful situations. Sometimes, relatives might find themselves in a bitter argument that hopefully culminates in reconciliation just before the bride and groom say “I do.” At times, there might be problems with the wedding cake, decorations, weather, or the bride’s gown. These can all be resolved quickly and with almost no anguish. There are times, however, when malicious people mar a nice affair by stealing wedding gifts. Stealing is bad enough, and if thieves take your wedding gifts, these individuals have definitely sunk to a lower level.


But don’t be disheartened since there are many ways to get around this problem. Just like you have to protect your home from burglars, you also need to take security measures during your wedding day, albeit in a more discreet way, in order to safeguard the gifts or mementos from all your beloved family and friends.

1. Assign a wedding gift attendant. Talk to someone that you trust and ask if he or she can be your wedding gift attendant. This person has to stay near the gift table and has to receive the gifts from the guests. This way, someone is keeping an eye on your gifts during the entire event. If you don’t want to inconvenience someone you know, ask your wedding planner if she can appoint someone for this task.

2. Place the gift table far from main doors. If your gift table is near an entrance, it will be easier for a thief or a wedding crasher to sneak in and out with your gifts. To avoid this, position your gift table far from doors, and if possible, have it in an area that’s visible to everyone.

3. Get someone to man the doors. It will be harder for thieves to steal your gifts if there’s someone guarding the door. No, you don’t have to hire a security guard for this. Anyone can do this job, like a friend or relative. Your wedding coordinator can also provide you with a person who will handle this job.

4. Make it a point to personally receive cash or checks. Just to be sure that no one leaves envelopes full of cash on your gift table, politely inform everyone about this preference in your invitation.

5. Take a more personal approach when receiving gifts. Instead of having a gift table, why not go to each of your guests’ tables and receive your gifts? This is a wonderful opportunity to thank them personally. Once you’ve received your gifts, place these in a secure location. Maybe you can rent a small extra room that guests can’t get into. Or you can also place gifts on a table that’s being watched by someone.

6. Avoid having wedding crashers. An easy way to do this is to ask your guests to bring with them their invitations. The person watching the door to the reception should check these before allowing people in. You should also specify in your wedding invitation how many guests your wedding visitors can bring.

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