Five amazing tips for men who live on their own

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We’re seeing a big shift in the way people are living these days. Lots of men are waiting until there are much older to get married. Even when they do get married there are a high percentage of them who will end up getting divorced. Why this is happening doesn’t really matter because it doesn’t change anything. What does matter is the way single men live their lives because they will likely have a house or apartment all to themselves.

When you’re not living with a partner things are a bit different. You have the ability to design your home in any way you please because there is not someone else there to offer their suggestions. If you live on your own do you like the way your home is set-up at the moment? Because if you think it could be better there is an easy solution. We can look at some of the cool things you can do now and when you’re finished with them you will love where you live.

Build a swimming pool

There are tons of reasons why you would want a swimming pool if you’re living the single life. You can’t just watch TV at night because you’ll get bored, so you can go for a swim instead. It will also keep you healthy and if you’re a little overweight you can drop a few pounds by swimming some lengths in the morning. If you ever have company it will impress them, but you might want to keep a few swimsuits handy so they don’t need to jump in naked.

Have a great view

You’ll get bored of looking at the same four walls all the time and an easy solution is to create an amazing view. When you look at lovely houses you always see some that look like they are made of glass. You can copy that and use it in your own bedroom, but it will take a little bit of work. Walls will have to be knocked down and big glass windows will have to be put in. You could even have French doors leading out onto a balcony.

Dress in style

If you want to dress in style you will need to go out and buy lots of great clothes. Once you walk out of the store you need somewhere to keep them. If you have a large closet you should think about turning it into a walk-in wardrobe like the ones all the movie stars use. When you walk inside and see all your suits and shirts hanging from the wall you will feel like a million bucks and it will make your clothes so much sweeter.

A secret study

After you live on your own for a while you will start to think you’re James Bond. If you think of yourself as a handsome spy you will need a secret lair. One nobody but you knows about. If there is a large room somewhere inside your home you could put up a wall partition so your room splits into two parts. Instead of having a door in between the two sections you could have a big bookcase that opens up to let you into your secret study.

A luxurious bed

At night you will be lonely a lot of the time, or you might be lucky and have lots of company. Either way you will still need an amazing bed because it is the one place in the house you spend more time than anywhere else. It feels great when you jump into a massive bed with a comfortable mattress and you can feel like this every night. Don’t just have a normal bed that doesn’t excite you.

Angel Carmichael is the author of the above guest post. She works for Airepure Company in Australia that specializes in providing air filtration and wet scrubber technologies aimed at odour control and air-born chemical release prevention to the factories.

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