Allergic to duck meat?

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Last weekend, both of us (my husband and I) went to his late grandmother’s place at Muar, Johor for a ritual event  (bacaan yassin) in memory of his grandparents and those who have in the previous years. The family served many kinds of dishes, one of them being duck curry. Yeah, and it tastes just like beef.. can you imagine that? I have never tasted duck meat which is similar to beef  and also more to the taste of chicken. I don’t know whether the ducks that his uncle raised were a different species, or maybe the ducks were feeded with food that made them tougher than other ducks.

Then we straight head back to Batu Pahat and enjoyed the new movie, “Inception”, before returning to Pontian. After we arrived, I noticed that my hand had started to look like its infected….rashes started bursting out on my right hand! However, it was even worse on the back of my husband’s body….rashes started spreading all over and some of the rashes had lumps of  “itchy fluid” in it. He started to scratch his body just like a monkey dancing in the zoo :)… so I tended to his rashes by rubbing Drapolene cream onto his back to relief the itchiness.

But still the rashes on his body was not reduced, therefore I took my trusty facial cleanser tool from the Tweezerman Smooth Skin Care Tool set to remove the barley-sized red itchy bumps caused by some weird bacterial infection.

Both of us started to think that maybe this was caused by the duck meat we ate that evening. It is still a mystery, however….I searched for any information regarding allergies after eating duck meat on the web, but there doesn’t seem to be any indication for that. Maybe it was caused by a disease after visited the duck farm behind the house…but we still suspect that it may be the duck meat.

Moral of the story? No duck meat for us again! Ermm, maybe not. Despite this incident, the memory of its unique taste is such that I won’t resist on trying it again for other duck-related dishes.

28 Jul

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