Al-Fatihah for Abang Yi

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Abg Yi.. the one who’s wearing black shirt..Al-fatihah..amin

This morning around 7am, I’d received bad news from my best friend that her brother died in car crash accident. She have to go back kelantan and see her family however she asked me if ever I can lend her some money for the journey. Without any hesitation, I’d gave her money plus extras to her Mom and Dad and give condolence to them.

Its really a heartbreak moment whenever our loved ones have died in that situation and never have the opportunity to seek forgiveness and time spent together with the family. She regretted that she did not pickup the last called that her brother (Abd Yi) made last 3 days ago. She had some disagreement opinions with her bro over some small matters. I hope she can take control of herself and accept the “qada’ n qadar” from Allah swt. Deep inside his feeling, im surely that he had already forgive her and love her so much.

I’ve once felt what she had been right now going through but only mine was gradually sadness and know that death will surely come to the one that I loved most (my dad).

Therefore, if you’re Muslim or not, please pray for him to better a life after death. May he rest in peace.


02 Mar

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