11th June – MIRACLE? I’M ALIVE

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I did felt that I’m getting the MIRACLE from ALLAH. I really thanks to Allah that I managed to get away from the major accidents with only minor cuts and bruises. The incident was took place at Pekan Nenas, Johor whereby I’m heading to Johor Bahru and the 5-Tonne Lorry was at my opposite lane. The lorry eventually got into my lane to get across to one house that is at the back of one’s malay workshop handling on motorcycles and bicycles. The man that work at the workshop have had helped me and took my things out from the total wrecked PERODUA RUSA!.

Actually if I looked closely to my radio it has shifted to upper deck and that were my left foot remains hurt and bruises all over. I thought of suing the driver or the company of the lorry, because if I managed to get my total loss claim it would estimate to only 5000 or less. Its ridiculous!!.. I’ll only get 5000 and lost my Van forever!.. A week ago, I just installed an additional aircond for RM1050 in order to have cooler air inside as for the purpose of bringing my cousins, colleagues or students if we were to go to picnics, trip or etc. But this is what I can call Qada’ & Qadar.. We can’t change that have been written in Quran or Hadis but we should put some effort to it and focus more while you are driving!…

Have a look at my Van that already been to its worst condition 🙁

28 Jun

Don’t take it for granted (rezeki)

Berpada-pada dengan Rezeki Allah

“Kalaulah saya pun berpangkat besar dan bergaji besar seperti dia. Mengapalah hidup saya tidak seberuntung dia. Mengapalah saya dilahirkan miskin begini….” Demikianlah kita selalu mengeluh mengenangkan nasib sendiri dan mengagumi kelebihan yang ada pada orang lain.

Sebagai orang mukmin, sebenarnya kita dilarang untuk menyesali nasib, apatah lagi menyalahkan atau menghina pemberian Allah. Apalah sangat ujian-Nya kalau hendak dihitung dengan nikmat yang Allah kurniakan, sama ada yang kita sedar atau tidak, yang pasti tidak mampu dibilang manusia.

Jangan sesekali kesal atau kecewa dengan ciptaan Allah sama ada kita mengalami kecacatan, kekurangan dan sebagainya. Jika kita mengeluh, sedangkan kita sedangg menikmati rahmat-Nya, bermakna kita tamak dan menutup mata atas nikmat yang telah kita miliki selama ini.

Sebaliknya bersyukurlah dengan apa yang ada. Setiap manusia sudah ada bahagian masing-masing yang dikurniakan Allah. Daripada Abu Hurairah katanya, Rasulullah bersabda yang bermaksud, “Lihatlah kepada orang yang lebih rendah daripadamu dan jangan melihat kepada orang yang lebih tinggi. Itulah tembok yang kukuh supaya kamu tidak menghina pemberian Allah kepadamu.” (Riwayat Bukhari)

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06 Mar

Motivational thoughts by Nick Vujicic

I cried after watching video of him falling down and going to figure out how to stand up…. but he managed to stand by himself. Im really amazed, thanks to Elfie for sharing this video of him.

Part 2 out of 3

Part 3 out of 3

21 Feb


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Diantara Kalian – d’Masiv.mp3

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Lyrics | D’Masiv lyricsDiantara Kalian lyrics

28 Dec
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Motivate yourself

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Watch the video below and try to imagine and grab that opportunity that will lead to a success in your life! We have to have interest in any field that we venture in it and never give up unless you really2 can’t afford to do it…

19 Nov


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Dear students,

Please click on the below links based on the subject that you are required to take the examination.















Please ensure those pre guide examination assist you to limit the scope of reading especially for those subject that have more than 10 chapters. Focus to the chapters that have essay subject and in midterm essay only required to answer 1 question out of 2 questions given

28 Oct