Three items to consider for advanced dress-up fun

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Whether you started wearing panties in high school or are just now discovering your kink, cross-dressing can be a fun and spicy addition to your sex life. Dressing in female clothing when you identify as a cisgender male presents challenges, including collecting a wardrobe that satisfies your aesthetic. If you’re looking to expand your dressing experiences, here are three items you should consider adding to your collection.

Proper Shoes

The right pair of heels, wedges or ballet flats can really take an outfit to the next level. However, you may find it difficult to locate shoes that are both wide enough and long enough for your feet. Luckily, the Internet has made custom ordering available around the globe. If you live near a major city, you may also want to check around for kink-friendly fetish wear shops that may stock shoes in the proper sizes and widths. To get more for your money, consider a pair of neutral-toned heels that will pair well with multiple outfits. Once you know your true size and favored brands, shopping becomes much easier. Continue reading »

30 Aug

Tips mudah bersalin

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Tips Mudah Bersalin……

1.2 minggu sebelum due, amalkan makan telur separuh masak untuk beri tenaga.

2.Bila sakit nk bersalin, makan sebiji telur mentah.

3.Minum milo yang dibancuh dengan 2-3 sudu margerin supaya laluan cepat terbuka

4.Rebus epal hijau pastu makan time tgh sakit contraction

5.Amalkan membaca surah maryam untuk memudahkan bersalin

6.Time kat labour room, banyakkan membaca al-fatihah dan doa nabi Yunus serta sebut “Ya Fattah” berulang kali untuk mengurangkan rasa sakit bersalin

7. Amalkan minum air kelapa hujung2 nk bersalin. (ni mmg admin amalkan jugak, nanti baby lahir kulitnya bersih je)

8. Makan kurma dalam bilangan ganjil

9. Banyakkan berjalan, naik tangga ke… Exercise sebelum deliver baby Continue reading »

09 Oct

Four common pests that pose serious risks to your family’s health

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Four common pests that pose serious risks to your family's health

The presence of pests and rodents in your home will have harmful effects on your family’s health, most especially if everyone has been exposed to them for a long period of time. It is important to understand that pests and rodents and humans can not coexist in a home at all because of the dangers associated with their mere presence and severe infestations. You may have a few common pests and rodents at home such as cockroaches, ants and rats, but sharing your home with them places your family in a serious health situations. They all pose serious threats to your family’s health and learning more about the risks involved will help you understand why the need for pest and rodent control must never be neglected. Continue reading »

09 Jul

Five tips to avoid getting stung by a bee or wasp

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Five tips to avoid getting stung by a bee or wasp

Getting stung by stinging insects such as bees and wasps can be painful and in extreme cases, even deadly. This is because some people are allergic to insect stings caused by the venom ejected by these flying insects when they sting. Stinging insects attack when they feel the need to defend themselves, so to avoid getting stung can be impossible at times. If you have a bee nest or a wasp nest in your home and garden, then you need to learn how to avoid making stinging insects feel threatened until you have a pest control professional remove their nest from your home. This is why you will find these tips useful if you want to avoid getting stung. Continue reading »

05 Jul

The most famous people ever to file for bankruptcy

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There are lots of reasons why people end up in situations where they have debts they simply can’t pay off. From business failings to chain reactions where a company or person who owes you money fails, there are times when the only option is bankruptcy. If you’re currently worried about your own debt, it may make you feel somewhat better to learn that some of the most successful people have been in the same boat – some more than once. Below are some of the most famous people from the worlds of politics, business and entertainment who have ever had to file for bankruptcy. Continue reading »

27 Jun

Ladder-climbing tips for today’s woman CEO wannabe

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It’s no secret that most of the suits in large boardrooms and heading up conference tables are worn by men. Even in today’s modern society, it’s still uncommon to see a female as a head of large corporations.

That’s why it’s refreshing to see the likes of Angela Mentis, Kathryn Fagg, Cynthia Whelan, Pip Marlow, Helen Conway, Christine Parker, and Christine Bartlett leading the way for women everywhere. They’re some of the few female heads of major corporations, like Microsoft. In search of ” kim kardashian “? Stop by dealdashreviewed web site.

Although it’s still nowhere close to a balanced representation, with women employing only 8% of the major roles in multinational conglomerates, the tides do seem to be turning.

The corporations themselves are playing a major role in that progress. Better access to affordable childcare and flexible work hours are just two ways that Mommy and CEO are now both possible titles for today’s working woman.

Each of these leading ladies was interviewed recently about their transition from working mother to CEO. We’ve compiled a list of 8 attributes and tips that they’ve all agreed helped them on their way up the ladder. Study it and implement it into your work life. Continue reading »

22 Jun