A very belated Eid Mubarak 2007

As of today the Raya season has over 2 days ago.. I’m really busy with the occasion where there’s a lot of open Houses that my friends held and not forgetting of my own open house that me and my mom busy preparing same dishes which are: Spaghetti Bolognese and Nasi Lemak Mak Dayang (ermm… really delicious.. you have to try my mom’s cooking).

My students and my colleagues came to my house and really amuse with the decoration in the house that was the idea from my sister (MAZURA & MAZDIANA), MY MOM and a lil bit from my idea….ahakz. See below pictures and you’ll know it.. however there still fitting and fixtures not complete until the end of the year 2007.

In the Living Room

In the TV Room…
TV Room

From the outside…
outside scene

And on first Raya, the darling came with his sister(Eszeween) with their yellow theme attire and I went for Black Theme.. (not so appropriate btw, but just wear it tho)… Then on the 3rd Raya His family came with his auntie and uncle to visit my sister’s house in Sungai Way, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. However, they bring a surprise intention which was to have pre-engagement request.






I was in a big shock to hear and know about it. But I have to accept the reality of life… where a relationship must have its stages and gradually became what we marriage. But as for me, im really have this kind of phobia of getting a commitment with a man…. I have to overcome with this problem and try to know how to be a good wife for future life.

Please God, help me to decide whether to be like this or to move on onto different lifestyle with a man that I call “husband”.

13 Nov

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  1. Nabila Alawi says:

    asmkm miss..big probs gak kalu mcm nie..pape pun kiter kne berusaha n tawakkal tak luper gak berserah..biar yg maha esa tentukan..pape pun sy doakn miss bahagia wat selame2 nye…besh gak bace stowi kat blog miss…jgn potong markah tau…ehhehehe..wslm

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