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It can be considered that my bestfriend before then we had quarreled and now had tied the relationship again but not as best buddies as we was in our early school days. But then again, I just let things away and forget the past. We are now friends and would think towards the future rather to fight on somethings that are ridiculous to argue with.

Yes, finally we meet again and she had her engagement on Christmas 2010 with her future husband named Khairul Izwan also from Pontian located at Pekan Nenas. Both of them are meant together and I know both of them well. After the nightmare she went through her life, Izwan willing to accept her with her past and would built new LIFE with Zarina and let Sweet dreams flow.

She had chosen turcois blue to match with her gifts and hijab that she wore. Below are the pictures taken by yours truly:

26 Dec