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It can be considered that my bestfriend before then we had quarreled and now had tied the relationship again but not as best buddies as we was in our early school days. But then again, I just let things away and forget the past. We are now friends and would think towards the future rather to fight on somethings that are ridiculous to argue with.

Yes, finally we meet again and she had her engagement on Christmas 2010 with her future husband named Khairul Izwan also from Pontian located at Pekan Nenas. Both of them are meant together and I know both of them well. After the nightmare she went through her life, Izwan willing to accept her with her past and would built new LIFE with Zarina and let Sweet dreams flow.

She had chosen turcois blue to match with her gifts and hijab that she wore. Below are the pictures taken by yours truly:

26 Dec

My new Logo for

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I do it myself :P… it’s not the best but it’s a kick start for me to venture into this so called designing digitized thingy… support me ya! See below logo:

29 Nov

Senior artist Ida Kusumah died

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Senior artist Ida Kusumah died at the age 71 from a heart attack around 8.30 PM on Thursday night (25 nov 2010) at the Cinere Hospital, Jakarta.
Ida was brought to the hospital after she blacked out during a local television drama shooting on the same area, news portal reported.
MD Entertainment spokesman Media confirmed the news, saying that Ida got the heart attack while still doing the shooting.
Further information regarding the artist funeral hasnt been informed yet.
Ida was widely known for her comedian style. Along with her best friends, Nani Wijaya, Connie Sutedja, Rina Hasyim and Mieke Wijaya, Ida formed the Golden Girls, which often invited to do talkshows in television.

According to Satya Ellan Tobias, the son of the late Ida Kusumah fourth, maminya died in a relaxed position leaning back in his chair. People who know the first time taken for sleep, before it was taken to hospital with a fixed seated position.
“Mummy died very quietly, leaning back in his chair, he was really quiet sleep mami, keep taken to the hospital, sitting leaned relax,” Ellan said when met at the Golden Crown Complex Housing Block 06/17, Cikokol Tangerang, Friday (26/11 .)
Ellan own claim maminya confused with a history of illness, which he clearly never had heart disease, and have never complained about a serious illness. But all has happened with sincere family desertion.
“We’re confused history mami do not like this disease, the family gave up his departure, had complained the most common colds, complained of fatigue since the shooting,” he said.
As a child, Ellan assess maminya as personal discipline. With five children and eight grandchildren, he was always fair, regular contact one by one. Ellan also claim to not have any inkling before.
“Mummy amazing, discipline, does not distinguish his son, always the children one-one call, called him dear, remind cholesterol feeding is maintained,” said Ellan.
Ida Kusuma whose real name Nyi Raden Siti Hindarsah Atmadi Koesoemah died suddenly at the location sinetron CINTA FITRI, Thursday (25/11) at 20.00 pm. Oma actor allegedly suffered the heart, and had received treatment at Castle Hospital Cinere, South Jakarta. Deceased will be buried today after Friday prayers.
Visible wreaths lined the front of the house of the deceased, including the comedian Mpok Atiek, Parfi large families, lawyers Japto S Soerjosoemarno, culture and tourism minister Jero Wacik, do not forget from MD Entertainment, producer LOVE FITRI. And many artists came to give their last respects, including the senior angkatannya.

29 Nov

Lingua Franca – 10 years from now

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Lingua Franca for the next 10 years would it be :
6.Others :________ State your own language

Well, I would say that English still the lingua franca (L.F) that will still be using 10 years onwards. However, Mandarin will be another threaten for the current L.F to survive in this changing globalization. With the erosion of FB symptom among the people, the tendency to cycle thoughts and replace the daily norms of energetic lifestyle to “cruising” lifestyle. Throughout the statistic, the chinese have FB accounts more than the rest of population around the world.

Therefore, it is easier to socialize with people and learning as well as changing the language to become our new L.F as people understand it and use it daily. Maybe.. in the future there will be a creation of new language that combining different languages that are easy to communicate, faster to learn, shorter to write it, and comprehends by all over the world.

Insyallah.. Im hoping for Arabic to be Lingua franca as soon as possible!!

27 Nov


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Behold the magnificent views from the tallest building in Klang. Stand tall at the top of one of the grandest and most iconic developments in the Klang Central Business District. No one else but The Boss gets this close to super exclusive access.

“Simple but Sophisticated”

The Boss is a freehold mixed development that towers 132 meters with 28-storeys on 2 acres of freehold land. With an elaborate facade that sports circles and squares, one can’t help but be mystified by its design. Its horizontal circumference and layouts are in perfect symmetry and harmony, while the vertical circumference is asymmetrical, accentuating a progressive sense of moving upwards. The contrast blends in a natural and attractive manner.

Upon completion, there will be 377 service suites and 42 units of retail/shop lots. The service suites have built-ups ranging from 356 – 484 sq ft, with a selling price ranging from RM195,000 to RM309,800. This translates to a minimum of RM540 per sq ft. Each service suite comes with one bedroom and one bathroom.

Don’t let the price and area comparison fool you however. As Leonardo da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” and this is clearly evident in its interior design. The basic black and white and everything in between set the stage for a visual creation that draws on the richness of textures and forms. It clearly reflects the characteristics of The Boss that is bold and powerful.

The Boss Has All

More than just a place where you can rest, The Boss has several facilities right at your disposal. Receive your business associates and colleagues at the luxuriously furnished waiting area, before leading them to the function room for meetings and presentations. The project is Wifi-ready, so there is no need to worry about being unable to connect to the Internet. There is no need to worry about finding a place to park as there are valet & concierge services, in addition to the 441 parking bays in the development.

After a long day’s work, relax in the comforts of the sauna & steam bath. Gaze upon the setting sun from the sky lounge, or take a plunge into the highest swimming and wading pool in Klang. If you are health conscious, keeping fit is a joy, with a magnificent view from the sky gymnasium. Once you are feeling sore from all that exercise and work, take a break with a massage and facial at the spa centre.

Accessibility is not an issue as it is connected to the Federal Highway, NKVE and KESAS highway. It is near the AEON Bukit Tinggi, Jusco Bandar Baru Klang and Centro Mall shopping centres, which will satisfy your shopping needs. Besides, it is a dining haven with several restaurants in the vicinity.

Promotional Packages

For a limited time only, the developer, Hotwer Development Sdn Bhd, is offering to absorb the legal fees for the Sales and Purchase agreement (SPA). Only 10% downpayment is required to book. There is also a developer interest-bearing scheme (DIBS), 18 years guaranteed rental return and free maintenance for 18 years. This development is expected to be completed in 2014.

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08 Nov

SEO and Internet marketing forum

After the stupid administrator of Digital Point Forums ban me because he think that I am someone else and deleted my account, I told my husband about it and he said that OK, he will start a new forum instead to beat this person’s arrogance. So he has started a new webmasters forum which I hope you reading will want to join. The forum is also contain other sections and not just focus on SEO and Internet Marketing, so it is suitable for everyone.

Please do come and visit the new forum. We Make The Web! that is our slogan now.

24 Oct