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It was over 10 years that I & ex-schoolmates didn’t gathered and chit chatting about guys since 1994-1998 during my schooldays… ahakz… yeah its true, we all ni dulu gatal2.. huhu if there were a coolest guy that passing by during sports tournament, scouts camp, school activities(arts-mural) or whenever we going back to school, we will always talks about them.

Erm… Well that time goes by and most of my friends got married happily with their cutest children. I’m still not in their list but some sort of waiting list to go to the next life. Most of them got a bit chubby, yeah its goes the same way as I am. Trying to shed some pounds that covering my sexy body .. chewah!

Well the the event on that night was running smooth however there’s were several hitches and hiccups on the dinner served. The theme of that night was Blue Diamond represent our SSP emblem that are blue in color. 1st august 2009, took place at SMKSP aka SSP (Sek. Sri Perhentian) Pontian and had started at 9pm whereby supposedly to start at 8pm.

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26 Aug