Beautiful imperfection

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Listen how the actress in the ad described her late husband? funny at first but get crying at the end… nice tVC by Yasmin Ahmad .. I wonder will there be someone that could replace OUR BELOVED Yasmin Ahmad?

*beautiful imperfections….now my favorite´╗┐ phrase to describe me and my future husband. what a touching ad! wink3x

27 Jul

The New MJ

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Choose which one do you one? ahakz I rather pick the younger one, but the youngest one so CUTEEEE!

06 Jul

Am I that bad? Missing Spot

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Once I’ve own a dog that was not purposely came to my house and suddenly it became our guard dog for our renovated house.
Inspite of that, neighbour and so called my mom’s best friend(mak bedah – not her real name) has boycotted us one family because we have dog outside our house. ‘Fitnah’ (slander) from mak bedah told the neighborhood that when she came to her house that dog sit beside her when she was praying in the room.. such a ridiculous story ever! Till now our family avoid of having good relationship with the neighborhood however ‘they’ wanted to get back to us straight away the dog had disappeared. No Way.. I won’t kneel down to them! they would do vice versa because have dropped down us and putting blame for keeping the dog.

When the dog aka Spot have in the neighborhood, there were no such breaking houses nearby and no suspicious looking salesman have had done their activities. Unfortunately, our Spot got shot to his head by the authority of MDP as a result of the ‘malays’ complaining of having this ‘evil thing’ in their neighborhood.

Not more than 3 months later, we heard that the next two houses have been robbed with the owner still inside and took several of thousands with them. Luckily, the old baba nyonya lady were not harm by those culprits. Then, after 2 weeks my mom got asked by those so called Salesman (2 indians male 1 malay female) with the neighbour next door(chinese). :

The 2 indians salesman came to our house and seek whenever there are people inside because they had ring the bell but no one had came out. Then they went to our neighbor next door and asked :

Salesman 1 : Hello 3x,…..
Aso : Ya, mau apa?
Salesman 1 : ini rumah sebelah rumah melayu ka?
Aso : Entah laa saya tak tau laa
Salesman 1 : Dia takda rumah ka?
Aso : Ayooo, mana saya tau?
Salesman 1 : Saya mau jual barang sama itu orang….
Aso : Lu pegi balik laa, dia selalu takda rumah, kita tak terima Salesman

Then those guy got back and never came. Thanks to Allah, My mom safe! Thanks to our neighbor because no so friendly to the culprits and basic info to them. If Spot still alive, I know it will chase them away! ­čÖü

05 Jul