11th June – MIRACLE? I’M ALIVE

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I did felt that I’m getting the MIRACLE from ALLAH. I really thanks to Allah that I managed to get away from the major accidents with only minor cuts and bruises. The incident was took place at Pekan Nenas, Johor whereby I’m heading to Johor Bahru and the 5-Tonne Lorry was at my opposite lane. The lorry eventually got into my lane to get across to one house that is at the back of one’s malay workshop handling on motorcycles and bicycles. The man that work at the workshop have had helped me and took my things out from the total wrecked PERODUA RUSA!.

Actually if I looked closely to my radio it has shifted to upper deck and that were my left foot remains hurt and bruises all over. I thought of suing the driver or the company of the lorry, because if I managed to get my total loss claim it would estimate to only 5000 or less. Its ridiculous!!.. I’ll only get 5000 and lost my Van forever!.. A week ago, I just installed an additional aircond for RM1050 in order to have cooler air inside as for the purpose of bringing my cousins, colleagues or students if we were to go to picnics, trip or etc. But this is what I can call Qada’ & Qadar.. We can’t change that have been written in Quran or Hadis but we should put some effort to it and focus more while you are driving!…

Have a look at my Van that already been to its worst condition 🙁

28 Jun

MJ meets Allah

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26 Jun


Terms they use in COMMERCIAL LAWS. I’ve added the the embedded video as to clarify the students on the regular terms use in their subject of C.Laws.

25 Jun


Wow.. the first time I watch this video it’s kinda impressed me a lot to see all the students were paying attention in the class. That’s a good idea for me to teach them the POWER TEACHING as it one of the methods to avoid tired, stress and forgetful to the subject. Cosmopoint student, here I come. I hope them will not shy and try to mind open with this new technique! 🙂

Try to watch the video below, you will know why I’m so enthusiast with it.

23 Jun


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Links that I managed to get glimpse and take it as input for my CCT class, thanks to youtube.com :











22 Jun

Requested Video by Kedai Kelantan Staff

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It is about the video that one of cosmopoint student “Hafifi a.k.a Epy” had taken as of their assignment on capturing video. I’ve told it about the video to one of the staff and he so eager to watch the particular video. Eventhough, its a short clip of advertising video, it would meant alot to them as to watch themselves in the video moreover published all over the world via internet using Youtube.com service web.

Below is the video I’d mentioned earlier, have fun!

22 Jun